A short story by Sam Shepard entitled "Indianapolis, Highway 74" – published in "The New Yorker" and in his collection "Day Out of Days" – is adapted for the screen.

A man driving through a blizzard. A woman searching for her family. After 40 years apart, a pair of once lovers collides at a Holiday Inn with just one room available.

Directors: Joseph Alessi & Max D. Sturm
Writers: Sam Shepard (book), Joseph Alessi (screenplay), Max D. Sturm (screenplay)
Producers: Neda Armian, Marina Donahue, Elizabeth Hayes, John Monton, Innbo Shim
Cast: Bill Pullman, Gabourey Sidibe, Jodie Markell
Director of Photography: Tony Jannelli
Editor: Gordon Grinberg
Sound: Michael Attias
Production Design: Amy Williams
Storyboard Artist: Sofija Canavan, Jinjin Sun
Legal: Matthew Weldon