Three stories reflecting on love and loss are connected through an autobus traveling from country to city. A young man falls in love, two lovers confront their dwindling relationship, and a jaded musician rediscovers himself in a small town.

Adapted from Doctor Erich Kästner's Lyrical Medicine Chest, these vignettes, entitled "Sample of Eternal Love," "Relevant Romance," and "Nocturnal Recipe for City Dwellers," are translated here for the first time in English.

Winner of PBS' Reel 13 competition and selected by Anthology Film Archives NYC.

16 min/2008

Directors: Joseph Alessi & Max D. Sturm
Writers: Erich Kästner (book), George Sturm (translation), Joseph Alessi (screenplay), Max D. Sturm (screenplay)
Cast: Elly Lachman, Gary Middleton, Carla Moriarty, Jacob Seeger, John Stott, Jamie Watkins
Narrator: Scott L. Eck
Producer: Max D. Sturm
Executive Producers: Tim Cosman, Martha Ling
Director of Photography: Samuel Newman
Editor: Joseph Alessi
Sound: Jesse Ehredt
Narration Recordist: Tim Korn